Friday, April 11, 2008

Aim High And Hit The Target

sometimes, the things that we wanted to happen in our lives don't seem to happen the way we wanted it to be,. during my first year of teaching, i have made myself a time frame for my career advancement, but sad to say, it didn't materialized...there are two major factors that i considered why many things we aimed to achieve from the beginning can't be attained on the time we want these to happen,first- the SYSTEM and second -the people running the system, even if you have complied with all the necessary procedure needed and you are already the most qualified candidate for promotion for a particular position still...,you can't have it. WHY? it's because of the people who are in the system.
a few years back,i'm proud to tell the world that i was once ranked NUMBER ONE in our entire division(province) for Head Teacher position in the social studies department but it was the second in rank who was deployed because she had connections in the higher ups.
this event in my career saddened me a lot that i almost decided to resign my job if not with the encouragement of my love ones, beloved friends and colleagues. and then i remember my favorite motto-aim high and hit the target. so once again, though i didn't hit the target, i believe there's always a second chance.
i'm not saying all of this because i'm crying over spilled milk, or sound like i'm just sour graping, or whatever you may call it, but i am telling these things so that other may learn from it and could prevent it from happening again...
thank you very much to one and all.
God Bless


Anonymous said...

Hey...KathySpring here...Nice start on the blog..I'll check back..KathySpring

nobert soloria bermosa said...

Hi Kathy,

thanks a lot for dropping by and posting a comments...,

Happy writing.