Sunday, October 2, 2011

The World’s Oldest Fountains But Still Grandiose and Beautiful

In Europe, you’ll find the oldest but still beautiful and captivating fountains. These tourist attractions were built hundreds of years ago but still they are functional and continue to attract visitors. Take a look at the oldest and grandiose fountains in the world.

1.) Versailles Fountain – Versailles, France

One of the most stunning falls in the world is the Versailles Fountain which is part of the Gardens of Versailles. This awesome garden is 800 hectares in area in which most of its landscapes are in the classic French Garden style.

2.) Samson and the Lion Fountain – Saint Petersburg, Russia

The captivating Samson and the Lion Fountain is located in front of the magnificent Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Samson and the Lion Fountain were created between 1800 and 1802.

The Peterhof Palace is a series of palaces and gardens located in St. Petersburg, Russia. Peterhof is Dutch or German for "Peter’s Court". These structures were laid out on the orders of Peter the Great.

These Palaces and gardens are sometimes referred as the "Russian Versailles". This awesome site was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3.) Le Cento Fontane (The Hundred Fountains) – Tivoli, Italy

La Cento Fontane or The Hundred Fountains are located in Villa Este, Tivoli in Italy.

4.) Villa d'Este Fountain – Tivoli, Italy

The majestic Villa d'Este Fountain is located at Tivoli, near Rome, Italy. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered as a fine example of Italian Renaissance garden and Renaissance architecture.

5.) Tyler Davidson Fountain – Ohio, USA

The Tyler Davidson Fountain is a statue and fountain located in Cincinnati, Ohio. This impressive structure is regarded as the symbol of the city and one of the most-visited attractions in the area. It was dedicated in 1871 and is the centerpiece of Fountain Square. The fountain is turned off each winter and turned on again in April for the first home game of Major League Baseball’s Cincinnati Reds, the oldest professional baseball team.

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