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History of Plastic Surgery, Rhinoplasty and Other Important Medical and Surgical Operations

History of Plastic Surgery, Rhinoplasty and Other Important Medical and Surgical Operations

Some people underwent plastic surgery or series of surgeries in order to look handsome and beautiful.
Do you know how long plastic surgery and rhinoplasty have been in existence? Scroll down and find out when and where they invented these popular medical operations including some other popular medical and surgical operations.

1. Plastic Surgery

Is your nose real? How about those lips? Are you just beautiful because of plastic surgery? Many controversial celebrities and famous people are considered beautiful due to plastic surgery. Would you believe if I’ll say that “plastic surgery” had been around as early as 6th century BCE (Before Common Era)? Whew, that is about 2,500 years ago. It is believed to have started by Sushruta, who is regarded as the father of Indian surgery.
The most common type of surgery is aesthetic or cosmetic surgery but there are also other types such as microsurgery, reconstructive surgery and hand surgery
A British sailor named Walter Yeo is considered to be the first person to benefic plastic surgery in 1917. The first “female-to-male” sex reassignment surgery was carried out in 1946.
2. Rhinophlasty

Due to geographical effect, human beings from different part of the world, human races have different physical appearance. The color of the skin, eyes, shape of the nose and eyes differ significantly. For people with very large nose, they want to reduce its size while some people with small nose want to enlarge it. Rhinoplasty has been practiced as early as 6th century BCE. This medical or surgical operation is commonly referred to as nose reshaping or a nose job.

3. Cataract Surgery

Eye diseases such as cataract can cause blindness. We all know for a fact that the most relevant sense of organ a person must possess is the sense of seeing. One of the commonest eye problems worldwide is cataract. Cataract Surgery has been practiced since the 6th century BCE. This surgical operation is the removal of the natural lens of the eye.

4. Dental Bridge

One of the best assets a person should posses in order to be considered physically beautiful are good set of teeth. A person, especially those who are exposed in public, will surely be the subject of ridicule if he/she lacks a tooth or more. In order to avoid embarrassment and ridicule, dentures such as dental bridge, was invented. Dental Bridge, which is also known as “fixed partial denture”, was invented in the 6th century BCE in Etruria. Thanks to the Etruscans of Italy.

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