Monday, November 15, 2010

Together We Can Make It

Together We Can Make It

Last night I couldn’t get to sleep at all
Every detail I need to recall
Figuring out everything big or small
Keep asking myself what went wrong
Suddenly you sounded like a sad song;

I have been telling you again and again
In every relationship there’s hardship and pain
The sun doesn’t always shine sometimes it rain
So please inculcate this in your mind
Together we can stand the test of time;

Be encourage to be strong enough
Do not get mad and do not be sad
Everything that is turning out bad
Together we can make them all right
Then one day we will see the light;

Foremost to prevail should be happiness
Forget “bout the sorrows and loneliness
Throw away all our problems and worries
Together we can make it along the way
So never give up on us baby;

I”m going to prove to you my endurance
‘Coz I want an everlasting romance
Just continue giving me the chance
Entrust your love to me all at once
For I can’t afford losing you my little one;

Let us make a promise my dear
We’ll never leave one another
There will never be no other
Just you and I together
Now and until forever.

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