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32 Interesting Facts About Ferdinand Magellan, The First Circumnavigator of The Earth

A list of significant and interesting facts about Ferdinand Magellan.

Undeniably, Ferdinand Magellan is one of the most popular navigators/sailors in the world. This daring Portuguese voyager, who served for the Spanish monarchy, proved to the whole world that the Earth is indeed round. He proved this by reaching the East by sailing west.

Here are some important and interesting facts about Ferdinand Magellan.

1. The expedition led by Magellan was the first to sail all the way around the world proving that the Earth is round.
2. Although Sebastian De Elcano is regarded as the first circumnavigator of the Erath, it was Ferdinand Magellan who first circumnavigated the Earth in two sailings.
3. He attained this firstly, by sailing east to Asia from Spain via Cape of Good Hope in Africa; and secondly by reaching the East from Spain via Atlantic and Pacific Ocean by sailing west.
4. Ferdinand Magellan was originally a Portuguese and was born in Portugal in 1480. His Portuguese name is Fernao Magalhaes.
5. He was 25 years of age when he first went to the sea and joined the Portuguese fleet and served in India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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