Friday, May 23, 2014

Weirdest and Bizarre Male Genital Defects or Anomalies

Here are some of the most unusual and absurd congenital disorders of males which could hinder a happy relationship and satisfying sexual life.

In order for humans to reproduce normally, both male and female must be normal physically, mentally and sexually. People with physical, mental or sexual disorders or defects seem to encounter problems in reproduction.


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Hypospadias is an unusual congenital defect in males in which the urethral meatus opens on the underside of the glans penis.


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Phimosis can be considered a minor congenital condition. The male penis is normal except for the fact that the foreskin of the penis cannot be fully retract over the glans penis. It can be corrected through minor surgical operation. Notable people who suffered from phimosis include Louis XVI of France and Canadian Prime Minister Richard Bedford Bennett.

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