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The Best and Most Popular Dishes Made Of Tilapia

The Best and Most Popular Dishes Made Of Tilapia

Not known to many, Tilapia fish can be prepared in many unique and good-tasting dishes or recipes. It you are interested in finding out the different foods that can be prepared with the “Tilapia” fish that can be found in many continents and countries, check this out.

The City of Munoz in Nueva Ecija is regarded as the “tilapia capital of the Philippine”. It is the largest producers of “tilapia” in the country and in Asia or perhaps in the world. The agency that manages it is the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources or BFAR.

A former college student of mine who used to work in BFAR gave me the chance to see the largest varieties of tilapia – one of them is the “Red Tilapia”. It is also one of the best tasting “cultured” tilapia.

Here are some of the best foods you can prepare from Tilapia.

Pinapaitang Tilapia

Perhaps the most ridiculous recipe you ever heard about tilapia is “pinapaitang tilapia”. So how it is done? Only the innards of tilapias, the meat can be added too, are used in cooking “pinapaitang tilapia”. The best tilapias for this recipe are those that have been keep in fish cage for 5 days or more. Their stomachs and intestines are already clean. 

Selected stomach, intestine and other internal organs of the tilapia are saut̩ed with finely chopped ginger, garlic, onion and tomatoes and seasoned with salt, paminta or black pepper, red chili and MSG. Simmer until fats appear. If you want it with soup Рsimply add water and salt to taste.

Grilled or Inihaw na Tilapia

Grilled Tilapia is perhaps the most common way and the best way to cook tilapia. Live tilapias are best recommended if you like grilled tilapia. Simply pour salt in the live tilapias and put them on the grill.  Best condiments include vinegar with crashed garlic and red chili seasoned with salt and sodium glutamate and bagoong or fish sauce with calamansi juice and finely chopped red chili.

Fried Tilapia

If you like fried tilapia, simply remove the scales and innards. Pour some salt and dip fried. Best condiments include catsup, vinegar with crashed garlic, paminta, salt and MSG or bagoong with chili and calamansi juice.

Ginataang Tilapia or Coconut Milked Tilapia

Ginataang Tilapia is one of the best recipes you can cook out of this fish. Remove all the scales and innards, cut the fish into serving pieces and put it in a pot. Add ingredients such as patis or salt, paminta, stripped ginger, chopped onion, vinegar and siling pansigang. Simmer for few minutes and add instant gata or kakang gata you prepared for yourself. Mustasa or petsay leaves can be added also.

Stuffed Tilapia

Stuffed Tilapia is one of the most recent and favorite ways to cook tilapia. The fish is cleaned well and stuff such as chopped tomatoes, onions and cabbage seasoned with salt and seasoning are put inside the tilapia’s empty stomach. It is then grilled and served.

Sweet and Sour Tilapia

Remove all the scales and innards of the animal and dip fried until brown. Sautee ginger, garlic and onion then pour a mixture of flour with paminta, sugar, MSG, soy sauce then add fried tilapia and simmer for minutes. Bell pepper and carrots can also be added.

Sinigang na Tilapia, Paksiw na Tilapia, Daing na Tilapia, Steamed Tilapia and Pinaputok na Tilapia are also good recipes and are common among fish.

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