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The Best Foods Made From Fresh String Beans or Sitaw

The Best Foods Made From Fresh String Beans or Sitaw

What are the most popular and unique recipes for sitaw or string beans? Check the link for the answer.

Among the most popular and longest varieties of beans is the “string beans. It grows well in the different parts of the world especially in tropical regions. It grows well and highly productive in the Philippines. Here are some of the moist popular recipes you can cook with string beans locally known in Filipino language as “sitaw”. It is also called Green Bean and Snap Bean.

Boiled String Beans or Nilagang Sitaw

Boiled or Nilaga is the simplest way to cook string beans or sitaw. Simply cut the beans in serving cuts and put in a boiling water in a pot. Cook until tender and serve. Prepare a condiment composed of sliced tomatoes, calamansi juice, chili and bagoong or patis (fish sauce).

String Beans Adobo

One of the commonest way of cooking sitaw or string bean is Adobo. Cut the string beans about an inch long. Prepare onion and garlic and pork which are cut into small pieces. Saute garlic and onion and add pork. Simmer for a while and add sitaw or string beans. Add paminta or black better, laurel leaf and soy sauce (toyo) Cover pan stirring occasionally until cook. Serve hot.

String Beans With Chicken Liver and Gizzard

Sitaw or string bean with chicken liver and gizzard is a perfect and nutritious dish. Sautee garlic and onion and add chopped liver and garlic.  Cover until all water evaporated and add string beans cut into pieces an inch long. Season it with soy sauce, paminta and laurel. Cook until tender and serve hot.


String beans can also be added with sinigang na baboy, sinigang na baka and inabraw o dinengdeng. The Thai people have a unique way of eating string beans. They usually eat it raw and added with spicy ingredients.

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