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The World's Fastest Trains Ever Built Two

Trains are significantly important means of transportation. They move more people and cargoes faster on land compared to trucks and buses, ships or even airplanes because there are no traffics.

Here’s an additional list of the world’s fastest trains ever built according to their type.

1.) Aerotrain – 430.4 km/h “World’s Fastest Hovertrain”

The world’s fastest hovertrain ever developed is the Aerotrain of France. It attained a speed of 430.4 km/h on March 5, 1974 with an average speed of 417.6 km/h on a 3 km track.

2.) SNCF TGV Sud-Est - 408 km/h Conventional wheeled absolute record.

Another high –speed train still operating in France is the SNCF TGV Sud-Est or TGV-PSE. This French TVG train is a semi-permanently coupled electric multiple unit which operates primarily between Paris and the south-east of France. Conventional wheeled absolute record.

3.) Siemens Velaro AVE S-103 - 403.7 km/h

The Siemens Velaro’s AVES-103 is one of the world’s fastest trains. In July 2006 it reached a record speed of 403.7 km/h. At that time, this was the world record for railed and unmodified commercial service trainsets.

4.) Siemens EuroSprinter - 357 km/h “World’s Fastest Electric Locomotive”

The Siemens EuroSprinter is the world’s fastest electric locomotive. On September 2, 2006 it attained the record when it reached a speed of 357 km/h.

5.) TVG 001 - 318 km/h “World’s Fastest Gas Turbine Train”

The TVG 001 is the fastest gas turbine powered train in the world. This high-speed railway train of France attained a record speed of 318 km/h on December 8, 1972.

6.) Budd Rail Diesel Car - 295.72 km/h “World’s Fastest Jet Train”

The world’s fastest jet train is the New York Budd Rail Diesel Car. This self-propelled diesel-hydraulic multiple unit railcar, which is also known as RDC or Buddliner, attained the record on July 23, 1966 as the fastest jet train with a speed record of 295.72 km/h.

7.) Opel –RAK III – 280 km/h “World’s Fastest Rocket Train”

The world’s fastest rocket train is the Opel-RAK III. These series of rocket vehicles from Germany attained the world record on June 23, 1928 when it achieved a speed of 280 km/h.

8.) Talgo XXI – 256 km/h “World’s Fastest Diesel Train”

Talgo XXI is the world’s fastest high speed diesel-powered train. It has travelled at 256 km/h on July 9 2002. The train was sold to the Spanish infrastructure authority ADIF as measuring train for high speed lines.

9.) SAR Class 6E1, Series 4 – 245 km/h “World’s Fastest Narrow Gauge Train”

The South African Railways Class 6E1, Series 4 is the fastest narrow gauge train in the world. This electric locomotive train set the record on October 31, 1978 when it achieved the speed of 245 km/h.

10.) Schienenzeppelin - 230.2 km/h “World’s Fastest Gasoline Train”

The Schienenzeppelin is the fastest gasoline train in the world. It achieved a speed of 230.2 km/h setting the land speed record for a petrol powered rail vehicle in 1929.

*LNER Class A4 4468 Mallard – 202.6 km/h “World’s Fastest Steam Engine Train”

The London and North Railway Class A4 is the fastest steam locomotive in the world. It sets the record of 202.6 km/h in the United Kingdom on July 3, 1938.

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