Friday, July 22, 2011

World’s Longest Trucks Ever Built: King of the Road

You’ve already seen the largest machines ever, the fastest vehicles in the air, water, land and snow. You’ve already seen also the most powerful trucks, largest weapons and many others. Now it’s time to witness the longest trucks in the world. These vehicles are powerful too.

The W900 is a Kenworth class truck model and is known for its long-nose style. The engine size for the W900 is up 15 liters and it accommodates up to a 600-hp engine. The W900 has front axles of up to 22,000 lb ratings and rear axles up to 58,000-lb tandems.

Volkswagen Constellation
MAN Latin America VW Constellation.

The Volkswagen Constellation is a long truck and is the flagship truck from Volkwagen Trucks and Buses line. It covers up to 57 tonne gross combination mass or GCM segment. It is a "cab-over-engine" released in 2005.

The International LoneStar is a heavy duty truck manufactured by International Truck. The truck is one of the handsomest and is easily recognizable by its streamlined design. The truck on the above photo is a 2010 NaviStar International LoneStar Tractor-Truck.

The elegant-looking New Renault Magnum is a huge vehicle manufactured by Renault Trucks, a French truck manufacturer with its corporate headquarters at Saint-Priest.

Tata Prima is a range of heavy trucks produced by Tata Motors, and it was first introduced in 2008 as the company's 'global' truck. The mammoth trucks have a combined loading capacity of 40 tones, ideal for heavy duty shipment.

Additional features:
  • It is equipped with GPS system
  • A C, 4-way adjustable driver and co driver seats

The Peterbilt truck model with two rectangular headlights on the above photo is manufactured by Peterbilt Motors Company. This Class 8 truck is the Camion (de marque Peterbilt) Coca-Cola devant le "World of Coca-Cola" à Atlanta.

Lindsay Transport B-Double

Lindsay Transport (previously Lindsay Bros) B-Double taking a break at the Northbound Caltex on the F3, between the Warnervale and Wyong exits, on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

This is a “Road Train” in Australian Outback Volvo NH15. A Road Train is a trucking concept used in remote areas of many countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, Mexico and Argentina to move freight efficiently.

Long Road Train

The truck on the above photo is the Northern Territory AB-Quad Tanker Road Train. Trailer arrangement is B-double towing two tri-axle trailers.

Mack Titan – The Longest Road Train

The longest road train record was achieved on February 18, 2006 by John Atkinson when he drove his Mack Titan prime mover near Clifton in southern Queensland, Australia and drove it for 100 meters. His Mack Titan towed 112 trailers measuring 1,474.3 meters or 4,836 feet 11 inches. Atkinson’s now hold the honor of driving the longest road train in the world.


  • The Titan can haul loads up to 200 tonnes GCM.
  • It has a raised cab and taller hood allows for larger radiators to cool the engine more quickly.
  • Equipped with heavy duty double and triple frame rails handle the high loads and stress of driving on unpaved dirt roads.
  • Rear axles offered include tri-drive options and planetary hub reduction axles from Renault Trucks.
  • Air brake system has high flow air compressor and large air tanks to provide air for 2 or more trailers and the air starter (if fitted).
  • Integrated vertical air intake snorkels keep dust and dirt out of the filters prolonging their life.
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