Sunday, September 18, 2011

How Many of These Unique Buses Haven't You Tried Yet?

Unique Types of Buses in the World

Buses are among the most common vehicles for transportation all around the world. Scroll down and take a look at the list of the different types of buses you may have not tried yet.

Double Articulated Bus

This is not a train, it is one of the longest types of buses in the world. It is the Double Articulated Bus. One fine example is the Van Hool Bus with a length of 24.8 meters.

Guided Bus

The unique-looking short Guided Bus on the above photo is a TOYOTA Intelligent Multimode Transit System (IMTS). It was photograph near the EXPO dome station of IMTS in the Expo 2005 Aichi Japan in Nagakute.

This long Guided Bus on the above photo is the “Translohr”, a rubber-tired tram in Padua, Italy.

This double deck Guided Bus is photographed in Guided Busway in Edinburgh in the United Kingdom.

Trolley Bus

This Articulated Arnhem Trolleybus in the Netherlands demonstrate its four wheel steering (front and rear axles).

This Trolleybus is photographed in Basel, Switzerland.

Unique Bus

This peculiar-looking bus of the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, USA is similar in appearance to the popular public utility vehicle called “jeepneys” in the Philippines.

Chicken Bus

This type of bus called Chicken Bus is very popular in Guatemala.

Mini Bus

The Mini Bus on the above picture is the Toronto Transit Commission Orion II.


This Min Bus is the Vancouver TransLink Community Shuttle minibus, at University Endowment Lands, British Columbia in Canada.


This unique type of bus is the Red Minibus, also known as Maxicab. This type of bus can be seen in Hong Kong.


This unique-looking bus is called Aizubus cityroopbus "Akabe". It can be seen in Japan.

Vintage Bus

Without a doubt, the bus above is truly a Vintage Bus. The design and style speaks for itself.

Flower Power Bus

This bizarre and weird vehicle is called the Barkas B 1000 Flower Power Bus.

Small Bus

This small bus is called the Beziers.

Double Decker

Most double decker bus can be seen in the United Kingdom.

School Bus

This yellow bus is a typical American School Bus.

Police Bus

This Police Bus is an Autosan A1010T.02R in Poland.

Armored Bus

This Armored Bus is the "Rhino Armored Bus which transports US Armed Forces, US civilian government and contract workers, and foreign contract workers to and from Baghdad International Airport.

Passenger Bus

A Passenger Bus is also called Public Utility Bus.

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