Saturday, August 20, 2011

The World’s Most Colorful Buses

The Five Most Colorful Buses in the World

Are you planning an educational field trip? Pupils and students alike will surely love to be on board on these lovely-looking and colorful buses.

It would be certainly nice to be on board on any of these colorful buses.

The first colorful bus on the list is a neoplan low-floor trolleybus in Athens, the capital of Greece.

The second bus on the list is a funny multi-colored long distance buses from Hua Hun, Thailand.

Pink is certainly pretty. This bus from Kopavogur, Iceland is a colorful one with an advertisement for Landsbanki.

Ads on buses are becoming very popular nowadays. The bus on the above photo is just another colorful bus with advertisement.

The last colorful bus on the list is a bus decorated with troll motif and was used to transport participants at the American International Toy Fair in 2006.

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Kirstz said...

Cool buses and those buses are also good for educational trip and every child will surely enjoy riding on this kind of bus. I wish I can experience to ride on those colorful bus.

Maxwell S said...

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