Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Beautiful Flowers of Baguio City Philippines

The Beautiful Flowers of Baguio City Philippines

Baguio City is the coolest city in the Philippines. The weather is good and the scenery are fantastic. In addition to its splendid charm and beauty are hundreds of different colorful and pretty flowering plants that scattered anywhere else in the city.

On your way up to Baguio City either via Kennon Road, Marcos Highway or Naguilian Road, you’ll already witness thousands of Everlasting flowers cascading from the mountain slopes and alongside the roads.

Although Baguio City is not the “flower capital” of the Philippines, it is the major supplier of flowers for Central and Northern Luzon aside from the fact that it is the “vegetable capital” of the country.

Feast your eyes with the “Gallery of Beautiful Flowers” from the summer capital of the Philippines – Baguio City.

 Flaming beautiful flowers...

The yellow and red flaming flowers above were photographed in front of Baguio City Cathedral, one of most recognizable landmarks of this "city in the sky".

These bouquets of flowers are commonly named as "Lucky Money Plants". These plants are believe to bring luck to the owner.

A beautiful variety of Daisy

These Giant Drooping Bell flowers were taken near "Lourdes Grotto" one of the most popular tourist destinations for those who believed in the "Blessed Virgin Mary".

Red flowers of a flowering tree

This flower is locally known as "Kalatsutsi"

Most of these lovely flowers were photographed around "Burnham Park" which is located at the center of the city. Boating is one of the most popular activity on this beautiful park with plenty of beautiful flowers.

These flowers were photographed in a lagoon at Wright Park which is located near "The Mansion" - the official residence of the President of the Philippines in Baguio City.

 Red Roses

Pink and White Carnation

A Red Anthurium

There are also numerous souvenir items and “dwarf cacti” in Baguio City.

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