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Its Snack Time: Popular Filipino "In-Between-Meal" Foods

In-between-meal foods are known in the Philippines as "merienda". There are two merienda times for Filipinos (colloquially called "Pinoy"). One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Sometimes, a midnight snack or merienda is also added. Filipinos eat a wide variety of snack.

Here are some of the most popular and favorite snacks of "PINOYS"

Macaroni-Chicken Sopas

(Macaroni-chicken Sopas)

Surprise, surprise!!! Yes, you are absolutely right on what you are thinking. In the west, "soup" is taken during regular meals as a start up but in the Philippines, it is a favorite snack although it is also serve during birthdays and other occasions.



Lomi is a Chinese recipe adopted by Filipinos. It's comprise of noodles, vegetables and chicken meat or pork and pork liver. As a manifestation of its popularity, you will find a "Lomihan" (eatery or mini restaurant) serving "LOMI" in almost all the towns and cities of the Philippines.

Pancit Canton

Pancit Canton is another recipe of Chinese origin which was borrowed and loved well by Pinoys. This very popular in-between-meal food is comprise of thick noodles with shredded chicken meat, shrimps, liver and vegetables (cabbage, carrot, beans and green peas).


This is an original Filipino snack - Paradosdos. It is known as "tambo-tambong" in the Ilocano country. It is made of grounded sticky rice shaped like marbles. It is then cook with coconut milk and added with langka fruit, banana, camote and sago pearls. This Filipino snack is still very common in rural areas of the country.


Ask a Filipino kid his favorite food or snack and he will not hesitate to say -"Spaghetti". Certainly, this food is burrowed from the West but has become a very popular food among Pinoys especially the young ones. Jollibee, the leading fastfood chain in the country, is frequented by Pinoy kids most of the time because of their ""Filipino-style spaghetti".

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