Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Protein and Iron Rich Filipino Foods/Recipes


Chicken Tocino

Tocino is a cured meat product popular in the Philippines It is often eaten with fried rice, fried egg in a dish called “Tosilog” or “tocino, sinangag at itlog”. I am sure all of you have tried Pork Tocino but I doubt if you have already tried “Chicken Tocino”. It is healthier than pork because it has lesser cholesterol and fats.

Here’s a ready to eat Pork Tocino

The preparation of Chicken Tocino is the same with pork. The meat is sliced into thin strips. Anise wine, annatto, water, salt, sugar, and altpeter are combined in a container. Each strip is then sprinkled with the mixture and stacked in a separate container, which is covered and kept refrigerated for about three days to cure.

There are 3 ways to cook tocino;

- boiled in water
- fried in oil
- cooked over medium heat until the fat is rendered

Now you have a choice…for those who are hypertension and with heart problems… why don’t you try “Chicken Tocino”.


Tinola is a very popular Filipino recipe. It is well-known all over the Philippines. Among the Ilocanos, this soup based dish it is known as La Uya. It is cooked with native chicken, green papaya fruit/or chayote, chili pepper leaves (talbos ng siling labuyo)/or moringa (malunggay) leaves and spice up with ginger, onions and fish sauce (patis).

Steamed Lobster

Of course, Lobsters are very popular worldwide. Lobsters are economically important sea food. They are rich in iron and protein and the simplest and easiest way to cook it is by steaming. The lobsters on the above photo are two “spiny lobster” and a “slipper lobster”. When you buy lobsters, I strongly recommend that you buy slipper lobsters because they have more meat than spiny lobsters.

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