Monday, October 18, 2010

Believe it or Not: I Have Photographed Fishes in the Sky

Believe it or Not: I Have Photographed Fishes in the Sky 

Have you seen fishes swimming in the clouds?

Of course, these are birds! No!
Ooh... the image is too small. I am sure you were not able to figure where the fishes are. I am sorry for that. Scroll down and check next image.

These are airplanes! No!

Okay! This image is clearer. The 4 orange colored creatures are visible on the upper left side corner of the image. Go on and check the next photo.

These are Koi

On this particular image, you will see more fishes in the clouds. I think there are five fishes on this photo.

On this image, there are actually 11 Koi fish, ornamental domesticated varieties of the Common Carp.

These fish are usually kept for decorative purposes in outdoor in water gardens or Koi ponds.

Koi, which are also known as Japanese Carps, are amazing creature for they are among the longest-living animals, with some individuals living more than 200 years.

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