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Exotic Filipino Foods and Preparation

Here are some exotic Filipino foods you may want to try...

The first exotic food on our list is "Sauteed Mole Cricket". In the Ilocano dialect it is known as "Ararawan". The Tagalog people call it "Susuhong" and the Kapampangans call it "Kamaro".

Mole Crickets are thick-bodied insect about 3-5 cm  or 1-2 inches long, with large beady eyes and shovel-like forelimbs highly developed for burrowing and swimming.


1.) Remove all internal organs on the stomach (others preferred not to remove its internal organs),wash and boil for 5 minutes. Drain.
2.) In a fan, sautee garlic, onion and tomatoes. Add the boiled mole crickets and mix until cook. Add salt to taste and msg. 

Now, get 1 case of beer and let's start!!!

If you live near the sea or ocean, you probably had tried eating this marine plant. It is popularly known as "Ar-arosep" among Ilocanos. In English, it is commonly known as "Sea Grapes"

1.) No cooking needed on this food plant, just wash it well and remove all foreign objects that are attached to it. 
2.) No salt needed too, it's already salty.
3.) Slices of fresh tomatoes can be added if you like.
It is very rich in iodine and is one of my personal favorite.

One of the most popular appetizers among the people of Northern Luzon, especially the Ilocanos, is "Kappokan" or "Kilawin" The most preferred meat used in preparing "Kappokan" is goat and dog meat, although eating dog meat has drastically declined already in the past few years. 

1.) The whole goat  is roasted on fire until all its hair burn and until its skin has turned brown. 
2.) The goat's skin and meat, which were partially cooked through roasting, will be shredded and chopped into small pieces or cubes.  3.) Spice it up with chopped onions, pepper (siling labuyo), salt and msg (optional). In some places, they also add chopped ginger

This Ilocano delicacy is perfect as appetizer.

Several varieties of snails are being eaten in the Philippines.The snail on the above photo is locally known as "Susong Palipit". It is known among Ilocanos as "Agurong". There are also several ways of cooking snails in the Philippines. Ginataang Kuhol and Ginisang Suso are the most popular recipes though.


1.) Wash thoroughly and cut the tail end of each snail (suso - the elongated snail) with a knife (no need for the kuhol)
2.) For Ginisang Kuhol or Suso, simply sautee garlic, onion, ginger and tomato then add the snails.
3.) Cover for few minutes.
4.) Add salt and msg (optional) to taste.

For Ginataang Kuhol or Suso, follow the same procedure less the tomato then add pepper and coconut milk.

(Kuhol or Snail)

These huge worms are also eaten in the Philippines and anywhere else in the world. This exotic food, or should I say, weird food are taken from rotten woods and haystack.


1.) Wash these huge worms well. 
2.) In a fan, sautee them alive with garlic and onion. Add salt and msg to taste. 

These tasty worms are very rich in protein.

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