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The 15 Most Beautiful Bays in the World

Bays are among the most beautiful sites in the world which is why rich people love to put up a business establishment or own a house and property near or overlooking a bay. Bays, like gulfs and beaches, are bodies of water which are oftentimes popular tourist destinations. What is a bay? Well, a bay is an area of water mostly surrounded by land.

Here are the most captivating bays from around the world.

1.) Patmos Bay – Greece

The beach of Meloi on the Patmos Bay is a wonderful tourist attraction. This beautiful bay in the island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea and is a part of Greece.  This historic place, which was mentioned in the “Book of Revelation” of the Bible, is a destination for Christian pilgrimage. Pilgrims and tourists visitors can see the cave where John of Patmos or John the Apostle is said to have received his Revelation (the Cave of the Apocalypse). There are also several monasteries dedicated to Saint John on the island.

2.) Santorini Bay – Greece

The Bay of Santorini or Thera is one of the most beautiful bays in the world. It is located in the Aegean Sea and is a part of Greece.  It is the remnants of a huge volcanic explosion that destroyed the earliest settlements on what was formerly a single island and led to the creation of the current geological caldera.

3.) Agadir Bay – Morocco

Agadir Bay is where Agadir City of Morocco is situated. Because of its mild climate and wonderful beaches, the bay is a popular "winter sun" destination for Northern Europeans. This city on the bay is located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean near the foot of the Atlas Mountains.

4.) Na Thrang – Vietnam

Nha Trang Bay is a world-class tourist destination located in Vietnam and is regarded as amongst the most beautiful bays in the world. It is where the coastal city of Nha Trang is situated. Nha Trang is famous for its pristine beaches and excellent scuba diving sites.

5.) Bay of Bodrum – Turkey

Bodrum Bay is a popular bay in Turkey. It is situated in the town of Bodrum, formerly known as Halicarnassus – the location of the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This historic bay is an international center of tourism and yachting.

6.) Ha Long Bay – Vietnam

Ha Long Bay is a fascinating beauty of nature located in Quong Ninh, Vietnam. The name literally means Descending Dragon Bay. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a well-known travel destination. The bay, which features thousands of limestone karsts and isles of different shapes and sizes, is part of Ha Long City.

7.) Bay of Kemer – Turkey

The Bay of Kemer in the city of Antalya, Turkey is a beautiful bay with beautiful beach - the1362643.jpg Beach of Kemer. This seaside resort on the Gulf of Antalya on the Mediterranean Sea is an important part in Turkey’s tourism.

8.) Puerto Vallarta – Mexico

Puerto Vallarta Bay in Puerto Vallarta City, Mexico is situated at Baha de Banderas on the Pacific Ocean.

9.) Bahia de las Aguilas –Dominican Republic

Bahia de las Aguilas is a beautiful bay in the Dominican Republic. Its name literally means “Eagles Bay”. This 8 km long beach belongs to the Jaragua National Park and is regarded by Dominicans as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

10.) Tadoussac Bay – Canada

Tadoussac Bay is a captivating bay in the village of Tadoussac, Quebec Canada.

11.) Manila Bay – Philippines

Manila Bay is one of the most beautiful bays in the world. It is one of the best natural harbor in Southeast Asia and one of the finest in the world. Sunset view at the bay is also one of the most beautiful and scenic in the world.

12.) Bay of Bengal – India

Bengal Bay is the world’s largest bay. Like the sunset view of Manila Bay, its own view is regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world.

13.) Bay of Valdes Peninsula – Argentina

The unique Valdes Peninsula on the Atlantic coast of Chubut, Argentina is an important natural reserve and was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its coastline is inhabited by marine mammals such as elephant seals, fur seals and sea lions.

14.) Mindelo Bay – Cape Verde

Mindelo Bay is located in Cape. It is part of Mindelo City, a port city in the northern part of the island of Sao Vicente.

15.)  Phang Nga Bay - Thailand

Phang Nga Bay is a popular and beautiful in Thailand. It is part of the Andaman Sea and has an area of 400 km².  the rock formation on the above photo is popularly known as James Bond island.

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The bay of Saint George on the Mediterranean sea North of Beirut is really nice. Why don't you add it to your list..

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this image is for the Mindelo Cabo Verde Bay

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Prachi Tiwari said...

The Bays mentioned here are amazing and beautiful. You can also count for some more bays like Shark Bay, Sydney Harbour, Costa Brava and more here