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Countries With High-Speed Rails: The 30 Fastest and Most Convenient Trains From Around the World

Currently, China holds the record of most high speed train with 6,158 followed by Spain with 2,665 and Japan with 2,118.

Trains are important form of transportation. They are fast, convenient and no traffics. Here are the fastest trains in the different parts of the world. Usually, only progressive countries have HSR or high speed rails.

1.) Japan

Name: JR-Maglev MLX01
Maximum speed: 581 m/h
Country: Japan
It is the current absolute world speed record holder for railed vehicles.

2.) France

Name: TVG Rame 4402 V150
Country: France
Maximum speed: 574.8 km/h
It is the current world record holder on conventional rails

3.) China

Name: CRH380A
Country: China
Maximum speed:
-Testing: 486 km/h
-Operation: 380 km/h
It holds the world record for the fastest production train.

4.) Germany

Name: Transrapid 09
Country: Germany
Maximum speed: 500 km/h
It is the fastest train in Germany.

5.) China

Name: Shanghai Maglev Train or Shanghai Transrapid
Country: China
Maximum speed: 501 km/h
Top speed: 431 km/h
It is notable for being the first commercial high-speed maglev line in the world

It is the world's fastest train in regular commercial services.
It is faster than the top speed of any production automobile (except for the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport)

6.) China

Name: CHR3 EMU
Country: China
Maximum speed
-CRH3C: 350 km/h
-CRH380B, CRH380BL, CRH380CL: 380 km/h
It is capable of service speed of 380 km/h.

On December 9, 2009, a pair of CRH3 EMUs (CRH3-013C + CRH3-017C) reached a top speed of 394.2 km/h during a test on the Zhengzhou to Xi'an high speed line, setting a world record for double-link EMUs.

7.) Spain

Name: AVE Class 103
Country: Spain
Maximum speed 350 km/h
It is the fastest conventional rail train in commercial use.

8.) Spain

Name: AVE Class 102
Country: Spain
Maximum speed 330 km/h
It is the second fastest train in Spain in commercial use.

9.) Japan

Name: E6 Series/Fastech 360
Country: Japan
Maximum speed: 320 km/h
They are scheduled to enter revenue service in 2011 and will operate at 320 km/h

10.) Germany

Name: ICE 3 Class 407
Country: Germany
Maximum speed: 320 km/h
These trains will enter service as class 407 in late 2011.

It is designed for operation at up to 320 km/h and is wider, quieter and more energy-saving.

11.) Japan

Name: E5 Series Shinkansen
Country: Japan
Maximum speed 320 km/h
It is one of the most sophisticated trains in Japan.

12.) South Korea

Name: KTX-II or KTX-Sancheon
Country: South Korea
Maximum speed: 305 km/h
It is the first commercial high-speed trains developed in South Korea.

13.) Japan

Name: 500 Series Shinkansen
Country: Japan
Maximum speed: 300 km/h
It is one of Japan’s fastest and popular trains.

14.) Japan

Name: N700 Series
Name: Japan
Maximum speed 300 km/h
It can reach a speed of 270 km/h in only three minutes.

Since March 2009, the N700 series trains have been equipped with wireless internet available for use between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka.

15.) Italy

Name: ETR 500
Country:  Italy
Maximum speed 300 km/h
It is the fastest train in Italy.

The last speed record is 362 km/h between Florence and Bologna.
It takes an hour from Milan to Bologna, while a plane with taxis takes an hour and a half.

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