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The World’s Most Beautiful and Important Savannas

Definition, type of savannas, importance and examples

Some types of savanna include oak savanna, equatorial savanna, tropical savanna and acacia savanna.

A Savanna is a land with both grass and either scattered trees or an open canopy of trees. It is also spelled savannah. A savanna is sometimes referred to grassland. Here are some notable examples of savannas in the world.

Oak Savanna

North Slope Santa Ynez Mountains

This savanna is an example of an oak savanna which is a type of savanna, or lightly forested grassland, where oaks are the dominant tree species. These savannas were maintained historically through wildfires set by lightning, grazing, low precipitation, poor soil, and/or fires set by Native Americans.

Oregon Oak Savanna

The oak savanna on the above photo is the Oregon oak savanna. The oak savannas of California were dominated by Valley oaks in the coastal regions' interior valleys and hills of the California chaparral and woodlands eco-region, and in the San Joaquin Valley and Sacramento Valley of the Central Valley eco-region and terrestrial biome.

Serengeti Plains

Serengeti Plains is one of the most remarkable savannas in the world. The popular Serengeti ecosystem is a geographical region in Africa. It is located in north Tanzania and extends to south-western Kenya. The Serengeti hosts the largest mammal migration in the world. This natural travel wonder of the world contains several national parks and game reserves. Serengeti is from the Maasai word "Serengit" which means "Endless Plains".

San Rafael Gran Sabana

San Rafael Gran Sabana or simply Gran Sabana is an important attraction of Venezuela. Gran Sabana means “Great Savanna”. It is located in the south of Bolivar State on the Venezuelan-Brazilian border.

The Gran Sabana lies on a plateau with a mean altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level and is dotted with huge table-top mountains called tepuis, which rise dramatically from the surrounding plains.

Illinois Grassland

The above photo is a restored Illinois grassland ecosystem at Morton Arboretum. Temperate grassland like this is a terrestrial biome whose predominant vegetation consists of grasses and/or shrubs.

Equatorial Savanna

Another type of the savanna is Equatorial savanna. The above picture of an Equatorial savanna is located in the East Province of Cameroon in Africa.

Angolan Mopane Woodlands

The Angolan Mopane Woodlands are located in northern Namibia and southwestern Angola. This ecosystem surrounds Etosha Pan, which is considered a separate eco-region. The slim, elegant mopane trees are the main type of vegetation

Tropical Savanna

The Australian savannah is a typical tropical savanna located in Northern Australia. It is characterized by high tree density and regular spacing characteristic of many savannas.

Acacia Savanna

Like Oak Savannas, an Acacia Savanna is lightly forested grassland, where acacias are the dominant tree species. The Acacia Savanna on the above photo is located south of Fada N'Gourma, Burkina Faso.

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