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The Most Remarkable and Captivating Tundras in the World

Definition, type of tundra and examples

Some types of tundra include Scandinavian tundra, Alpine tundra and Arctic coastal tundra.

Yes some tundras are beautiful. What is tundra? Tundra is a biome where the tree growth is hindered by low temperatures and short growing seasons. It’s a Russian term from the Kildin Sami word tūndâr which means "uplands," "treeless mountain tract."

Here are some beautiful examples of tundra.

1.) Scandinavian Tundra

This is the Scandinavian Montane Birch forests and grasslands ecoregion, a Palearctic eco-region of the temperate broadleaf and mixed forests biome, located in the Scandinavian countries of Finland, Norway and Sweden. The Scandinavian Tundra is one of the terrestrial eco-regions determined and defined by the World Wildlife Fund.

2.) Alpine Tundra

This captivating landscape is an example of Alpine tundra. It is located in the Swiss Alps. This type of tundra that does not contain trees because it is at high altitude.

3.) Aleutian Islands

The Aleutian Islands are a chain of more than 300 small volcanic islands, forming part of the Aleutian Arc in the Northern Pacific Ocean. Nearly all the archipelago is part of Alaska and usually considered as being in the "Alaskan Bush".

4.) Arctic Coastal Tundra

Another beautiful example of tundra is the Arctic Coastal Tundra. This eco-region is located in the far north of North America. The region is an important breeding ground for a great deal of wildlife.

5.) Greenland Tundra

Greenland Tundra is located in Sydkapp in Scoresby Sund, East Greenland. The skull on the foreground belongs to Musk Ox. The vegetation on the area is mostly Salix glauca.

6.) Alaska Tundra

The Alaska Tundra is a bizarre example of tundra. It is treeless tundra in Alaska, USA.

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