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The Most Spectacular Waterfalls of Europe

Europe is one of the most visited continents in the world. European countries are among the wealthiest in the world. Europe is known for its centuries old castles and buildings but at the same time it is famous for the many wonderful and beautiful and scenic natural attractions.

There are numerous waterfalls in Europe. Here are the most impressive waterfalls in the continent.

*Cascate delle Marmore – Italy

The beautiful Cascata delle Marmore is known in English as Marmore's Falls. Although it is not a natural attraction because it is a manmade waterfall, I included it on the list because it doesn’t look like a man-made waterfall at all. This 165 meter tall attraction was created by the ancient Romans. It is the tallest man-made waterfall in the world and one of the tallest in Europe.

1.) Skradinski Buk – Croatia

Skradinski Buk is a captivating waterfall on the Krka River in Croatia. This 45 meter tall waterfall is part of the Krka National Park, a park which was formed to protect the Krka River and is intended primarily for scientific, cultural, educational, recreational, and tourism activities.

2.) Skogafoss – Iceland

Skogafoss is one of the most beautiful waterfalls not only in Iceland but in the entire European continent. One of the biggest in the country, this 60 meter tall waterfall consistently produces a single or double rainbow due to the amount of spray.

3.) Plitvice Falls – Croatia

The mesmerizing Plitvice Waterfalls on the Plitvice Lakes is part of the Plitvice Lakes National Park of Croatia. They are the highest waterfalls in Croatia with a height of 78 meters. The park is one of Croatia’s major tourist attractions.

4.) Keila Waterfall – Estonia

The beautiful Keila Waterfall, known in the Estonian language as: Keila juga, lies on the Keila River. It is only 6 meters in height but it is one of the most powerful waterfalls in the country with a width of about 70 meters.

5.) Pliva Waterfall – Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Pliva Waterfall is a 30 meter tall waterfall in the town of Jaice in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the Pliva River where it meets the Vrbas River. This natural beauty, which is located in the middle of the town, is the 6th largest waterfall in the world and is considered as the 12th most beautiful in the world.

6.) Duden Waterfalls – Turkey

Turkey is not only known for its many historic sites as tourist destinations. It is also famous for its natural attractions such as the Duden Waterfalls, a group of waterfalls in Antalya province. These waterfalls lie on the Duden River.

7.) Dettifoss – Iceland

The magnificent Dettifoss in Iceland is the largest waterfall in Europe. It is 100 meters in width and has a drop of 44 meters. In terms of volume discharge, the waterfall has an average water flow of 200m³/s.

8.) Valaste Waterfall – Estonia

Valaste Waterfall is another beautiful waterfall located in Estonia. It is known in the Estonian language as Valaste juga. This astonishing waterfall is thye country’s tallest waterfall with a height of 30.5 meters. This popular tourist attraction is situated between Ontika and Valaste in the Kohtla Parish of the Ida-Viru County.

9.) Smolare Waterfall – Macedonia

Smolare Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Macedonia. It is the country’s tallest waterfall with a height of 39.5 meters. This popular natural attraction of Macedonia is located above the village of Smolare in the Municipality of Novo Selo.

10.) Cascade del Serio – Italy

Cascate del Serio or Serio Falls in English are the tallest waterfall in Italy. It is also one of the tallest waterfalls in Europe. These falls in the upper Valle Seriana, Bergamo province in Lombardy have 3 main steps with a total of 315 meters.

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