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Humans With the Most Prolific Body Parts

Amazing People That Hold Amazing World Records

Some people are amazingly extraordinary.

1.) Manjit Singh
Can you inflate a standard meteorological balloon (1,000g) to a diameter of 2.44 m or 8 ft under time pressure? Manjit Singh of the UK achieved this in 42 minutes at Rushley Pavilion Centre, Leicester, UK on September 16, 1998 – making him the man with the most powerful lungs in the world.

He holds 31 Guinness World Records for feats of strength concerned with pulling large obstacles such as;
-         pulling an empty double-decker bus over 55 feet with his teeth
-         pulling a double-decker with 54 passengers on board with one hand for a distance of 180 feet
-         pulling a similar bus with 30 people aboard for 256 feet using only his ponytail
-         using his ears to lift 85 kg and hauling an 8 tonnes mobile library for 18m
-         In 1995 he pulled a 203,000-pound Vulcan bomber for 6 inches using a harness round his body.

2.) Kim Goodman
Kim Goodman of the USA can pop her eyeballs to a protrusion of 12 mm or 0.47 inches beyond her eye sockets. Her eyes were measured in Istanbul, Turkey, on November 2, 2007.

 3.) Hans Langseth
Hans Langseth of Norway died in 1927 and his beard was measured at 17.5 feet. Hans Langseth’s beard is now on display at the Smithsonian Institution in the United States.

4.) Annika Irmler
Annika Irmler is recognized as the female with the longest tongue in the world. Her tongue is 2.7 inches long.

5.) Lee Redmond
Lee Redmond of Utah, USA is recognized as he person with the longest fingernails. The total length of her nails is 28 ft 4.5 in. She lost them on a car crash in 2009.

6.) Mehmet Ozyurek
Mehmet Ozyurek is the man with the longest nose in the world. This man’s nose measured 4.5 inches long. He is from Turkey.

7.) Devendra Harne and Pranamya Menaria
Two persons are recognized for having the most fingers and toes - Devendra Harne and Pranamya Menaria. They both have 25 fingers and toes – 12 fingers and 13 toes. They are both from India.

8.) Frank Ames
Frank Ames of Saranac New York is recognized as the person with the longest eyebrow hair in the world. It measured 3.7 in or 9.6 cm.

9.) Vivian Wheeler
Vivian Wheeler is recognized as the World's Longest Female Beard. Her beard’s measurement is 11 inches long.

10.) Badamsinh
Badamsinh of India was measured on February 29, 2004 and was declared to be the man with the longest mustache in the world. It was 12.5 feet long or 4.2 meters in length.

11.) Radhakant Bajpai
A man in northern India name Radhakant Bajpai has been recognized by Guinness World Records as having the world’s longest ear hair. The tufts coming out of the man’s ears measured more than 5 inches when he set the record in 2003.The hair has now grown to nearly 10 inches.

12.) Wes Pemberton
Wes Pemberton of Tyler holds the world record for the longest leg hair. His hair, which is about 5 inches long, exceeded the previous record of 4.88 inches long.

13.) Tran Van Hay
Tran Van Hay, a Vietnamese, has not cut his hair in 31 years. It is 6.2 meters long and is recognized as the man with the longest hair in the world.

14.) Xie Qiuping
A 40 year-old woman name Xie Qiuping of China is recognized as the woman to have the world’s longest documented hair. Her hair is 5.627 meters long or 18 ft 5.54 inches. She has not cut his hair since she’s 13.

15.) Jonah Falcon
Jonah Falcon has the world’s longest reproductive organ (male) on record at 13½in.

16.) Shamsher Singh
Currently, the longest beard belongs to Shamsher Singh of India. His beard last measured in at 6 feet long. He still has a long way to go.

17.) Stephen Taylor
Stephen Taylor of the United Kingdom has a tongue that measures 9.5 cm or 3.74 inches from the tip to the center of his closed top lip. It was measured in Milan, Italy on January 5, 2006.

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