Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Philippines’ Tallest Buildings of Tomorrow

The Philippines is one of the countries in Southeast Asia trying to become an industrialized country. Like many of each neighboring countries – Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, the country started to build skyscrapers since the 1970s, 80s and up to present.

Presently, the tallest building in the country is the PBCom Tower in Makati City. Sooner or later, this edifice will be surpassed by some skyscrapers which are under construction.

Here are the future tallest buildings in the Philippines.


The impressive PAGCOR Tower or Manila Observatory Tower will become Philippines’ tallest building once the plan of its construction materialized. This proposed edifice will be 665 meters in height or equivalent to 2,182 ft tall. This observation tower is planned to be erected near Manila Bay in the city of Manila, the country’s capital.

It will become the landmark of the now under construction PAGCOR City or Entertainment City Manila – an integrated leisure area with hotels, shopping malls, convention centers and casinos. PAGCOR stands for Philippine Amusements and Gaming Corporation.

Proposed features:
·         It will be the tallest stand-alone observatory tower in Asia.
·         It will be one of the world’s tallest man-made free-standing towers.
·         Its floor count is 112 and is expected to be finished in 2014.

The Stratford Residences

The Stratford Residence, also known as The Stratford Residences @ Picar Place, is another supertall proposed edifice in the archipelago. It is planned to be erected in the city of Makati, the country’s business center.

Proposed features:
·         It is planned to be a first class residential condominium tower.
·         It is planned to be 70 stories high.
·         This building will be 312 meters in height.
·         Upon completion, it was projected to be the Philippines' highest building.
·         The 4th to 70th floor of the building will be for residential units.
·         Eight basement levels will be used for parking purposes.
·         It will feature high-speed, hi-tech elevators and Wi-Fi ready residential floors.

One Rockwell West Tower

Another skyscraper soon be standing tall and proud in the Philippines is the magnificently spectacular One Rockwell West Tower. When completed, this condominium in Rockwell Center in the city of Makati, it will be the tallest in the One Rockwell building complex.

Proposed features:
·         This edifice will be 210 meters in height.
·         The tower will be elliptical in shape.
·         It will be built using the usual steel and glaze.
·         Balconies will be built at the peak of the tower.
·         The bulk of the tower will be covered in a blue tinted glaze.
·         Clear glazing will be used to cover the roof.

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