Sunday, August 21, 2011

Succulent Plants with the Most Beautiful Flowers

Succulent Plants are also known as Succulents or Fat Plants, are water-retaining plants adapted to arid climates or soil conditions. Succulent plants store water in their leaves, stems, and roots.

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Here’s a list of succulent plants with the prettiest flowers in the world.

1.) Window Plant

Window Plant or Fenestraria rhopalophylla is a leafless succulent plant with pretty flowers. It is also called Babies Toes and on each leaf there is transparent window-like area at the top, it is for these window-like structures that the plant is named.

2.) Cone Plant

The unique Cone Plant is succulent plant from Africa. It bears a beautiful yellow flower. It is also known for a variety of common names such as Button Plant, Conos, Dumpling, Knopies, Sphaeroid and Waterblasies.

3.) Pigface

The lovely Pigface, which is also known as Ice plants, is a ground-creeping plant with succulent leaves and large daisy-like flowers. The name refers to the edible fruits. It comes from the Greek "karpos" (fruit) and "brota" (edible).

4,) Stapelia pulchellus

The leafless Stapelia pulchellus is a succulent plant endemic to Africa and Asia. It bears a very large and uniquely-patterned flower – one of the largest of flowers to be found on any species of succulent.

5.) Shindel Makudi

The pretty Shindel Makudi Frerea or Frerea indica is a small succulent native to Maharashtra, India. This Indian plant is grown as a greenhouse plant by succulent plant enthusiasts. It blooms from August to September.

6.) Chain of Heart

Chain of Heart or Ceropegia woodii is a flowering plant endemic to South Africa and neighboring area. This evergreen succulent trailing vine is also known for a variety of common names such as Collar of Hearts, String of Hearts and Rosary Vine. Its leaves are shaped like hearts.

7.) Duvalia corderoyi

This succulent plant with uniquely-shaped flower can be found in South Africa and Tropical Africa. It is well defined by disc-like corona and stipitate gynostegium.

8.) Edithcolea grandis

Edithcolea grandis is a leafless succulent plant that bears a large uniquely colored flower. It is distributed in many African countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda and Yemen in Asia.

9.) Trichodiadema densum

Trichodiadema densum is a succulent plant that bears beautiful pink flowers. It originated in the Cape Province in South Africa.

10.) Dewflower

Dewflowers or formally named Drosanthemum speciosum is a succulent plant that bears brightly colored and beautiful flowers that look like daisies. It is endemic to southern Africa and is also commonly known as Vygies.

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